Introducing Zelos

During my years of working as a volunteer coordinator for large festivals, most of my time was spent on micromanaging. Each time I sent out a mass email or group message, it took me hours to sort out the aftershock of responses, even though the original issue was already sorted. I could not change the way people behave, but I could change the way I sent out my communication. Zelos is a solution I created for myself, to have only relevant things in my inbox.


Right place, right job, right people


Fun competition boosts productivity

Be Visible

There's untapped potential in your team and their friends


Get to know your people and get them to know you

Case Study at 2017 PÖFF

We tested our application at the 2017 Black Nights Film Festival with amazing results

Tiina Lokk-Tramberg, Festival Director

“Zelos has engaged our volunteers at a completely new level of enthusiasm. They are active and devoted as fans, just like in the early years of the festival. In the age of social media, having the visible support from our crowd really makes a difference.”

+56% Facebook Impressions

The volunteers shared festival news to their Facebook timelines, creating additional exposure of 168 960 extra views during the festival. The regular organic reach of the same posts was 297 369 views. If bought in 2017, Facebook would have charged 7 euros per 1000 views on average, making the exposure worth approximately 1200 EUR.

300 Extra Hours Worked

The volunteers picked up approximately 300 extra man-hours of work. On average, the festival schedules one volunteer to contribute with ca 30 hours, making extra hours a hard sell.

238 Extra Tickets Sold

The volunteers purchased more tickets for their friends and family than ever before. With the extra push from Zelos, the festival sold 465 tickets to its staff. The previous year, only 296 tickets were sold. Extra cashflow: 2300 EUR.


Johanna-Mai Riismaa

CEO at Vihmakass & Kakerdaja creative agency Creative director and asset manager for Simulacrum content platform, NUMU smart museum

Team coordinator for:
Black Nights Film Festival 2014-2018 (400 volunteers)
Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2017 (200 volunteers)
World Orienteering Championships 2017 (500 volunteers)
World Masters Orienteering Championships 2016 (500 volunteers)

Viktor Lillemäe

15 years of creative engineering at Snek IT CEO of Dark Side of Tallinn Tours


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