Every large volunteer team needs a great tasking app

Introducing Zelos

I was a volunteer coordinator at large festivals for 15 years. Most of my time was spent on micromanaging: sending out impersonal mass emails and group messages, and sorting out the aftershock of responses (or lack of response). We created Zelos to get rid of micromanagement in teams of hundreds or thousands of people. We can’t change the way people behave, but we can change the way we delegate.


Quickly find that one right person who is available, qualified and motivated


Fun competition boosts productivity and brings out your brightest stars

Stand Out

Tap directly into your team’s network to boost your social media marketing


Instant feedback helps both the team and the management

Case Study at PÖFF

We tested our application at the 2017 Black Nights Film Festival with amazing results


Tiina Lokk-Tramberg, Festival Director

“Zelos has engaged our volunteers at a completely new level of enthusiasm. They are active and devoted as fans, just like in the early years of the festival. In the age of social media, having the visible support from our crowd really makes a difference.”

+56% Facebook Impressions

The volunteers shared festival news to their Facebook timelines, creating additional exposure to their immediate network, a very relevant target group for the festival

300 Extra Hours Worked

The volunteers picked up approximately 300 extra man-hours of work. On average, the festival schedules one volunteer to contribute with ca 30 hours, making extra hours a hard sell

238 Extra Tickets Sold

The volunteers have always had a discount applied to buying tickets, but Zelos pushed them to purchase more for their friends and family than ever before

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Johanna-Mai Riismaa - founder, CEO
Volunteer coordinator for several large international events, founder of a media agency and a mobile app startup

Viktor Lillemäe - founder, CTO
15 years of creative engineering in the IT sector as a freelancer, founder and CEO of a walking tour company

Dagny Aalde, COO
Customer support & happiness

Ailan Daniel Mark, CCO
Research & business development

Marina Zimakosova, CMO
Content marketing


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