Team Management

Right place, right job, right people

  • Tasking – post tasks, notify relevant team members and verify completion
  • Check-in – encourage and track certain activities and location visits
  • Verification – multiple options to verify tasks completion
  • Notifications – push urgent task alerts to relevant users
  • User groups – post tasks based on skills, location and availability

Social Networking

There's untapped potential in your team and their friends

  • Engagement – have your team engage with your posts on Facebook
  • Promotion – define your hashtags and reward people for posting original content on Instagram
  • Boosting – promote your hashtags
  • Connect – set up social games and activities for moral boost and team cohesion


Fun competition boosts productivity

  • Leaderboards – find and give extra attention to your over-achievers
  • Badges – award fun badges, provide a sense of progress and achievement
  • Rewards – award merchandise and sponsor items to your top performers
  • API access – connect to existing systems to track and reward user activity (CRM, PoS, etc)