Make a difference in your team with Zelos.

Don’t let volunteer coordination overwhelm you.
Take back control, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

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Lead and coordinate

Reduce the divide between coordinators and volunteers to get more done.

Be adaptable

See the bigger picture and be able to handle both big and small issues.

Empower Volunteers

Motivate volunteers and make them feel like they can make an impact.

Here's how it works

Zelos grid
Zelos grid

For Organizers

Build a cohesive team of volunteers.

Managing volunteers can feel more like herding cats.

Zelos reduces the stress and confusion for everyone and makes it easy to coordinate, train, and notify your volunteers.

1. Get Organized

Stay organized and in control. Zelos offers seamless integration between volunteers and their coordinators and staff.

Assign tasks, receive check-ins, and get important messages in front of the right people.

Goal setting

Plan out your goals for the event and see that progress is being made towards them.

Task management

Break down the whole process into bite-sized, actionable tasks to make the process easier to tackle.

2. Take action

Make sure everyone has a part to play and things get done. Identify teams and individuals based on skills and match them with the right tasks.

You can easily create and assign task as needed, giving you the adaptability to solve problems as they happen

Group coordination

Sort team members into groups based on skill, location, or availability.


Identify what skills are needed for a task and find the best person for the job.


Assign responsibilities and tasks to the right groups to make sure things get done.

3. Engage and educate

Make sure volunteers receive the proper training and education they need. 

Provide quizzes and training materials to get everyone up to speed. Share surveys and ask questions to get feedback and improve satisfaction.


Share important updates and confirm who’s read it.


Ask questions to check team knowledge


Get feedback and data with polls and surveys.

Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard
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Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard Zelos dashboard

For Volunteers

Gain meaningful experiences

Zelos takes the confusion out of volunteer work so you can enjoy the experience and focus on making an impact.

1. Show up

Know exactly when, where, why, and what you’re needed for without all the extra noise.

Task management makes it easy to see where you can allocate your efforts. See that things are getting done on time and get reviews of how everyone else is doing.

Task pickup

You can easily see what tasks need to be done and how you can help.


Receive alerts about urgent tasks and upcoming deadlines to stay on track.


Daily and weekly summaries give an overview of what has been accomplished and what's left to do.

2. Get right to work

Spend less time figuring out what you should be doing and more time doing it.

Once you have work handled, you can report back on task completion using a variety of confirmation options that take away the feeling of being micromanaged.

Manager confirmation

Completed tasks can go into manager queue for manual approval.

Image and text confirmation

Submit images or a text snippet to prove that the task has been completed.


Tasks on external services (such as Share to Facebook) get automatically verified after completion.

3. Tell your friends

Easily share information about events and volunteer opportunities with your networks.

Take advantage of special discounts to share with friends and family and get everyone involved.


Easily share information about the event on facebook and generate awareness.


Receive discount codes for events and special offers to use for yourself and others.